• Pressure Switches - Classic

  • Pressure Switches - Prince

  • Temoerature Switches

  • Flow Switches

  • Pressure and Differential

  • Pressure Transmitters

  • Level Switch

  • Electronic Pressure Switch

  • Preheater Furnace

  • HSM

  • Fore-hearth Thermocouples

About Controlmatic

Controlmatic (Gujarat) was founded in 1982 in Vadodara, Gujarat, to provide process control products to various industries. The company has progressed with time and technological advancements, and has expanded their horizon of sales network from India to the global arena.

Controlmatic (Gujarat) boasts of more 500 happy customers in 20 years, in India and abroad. Controlmatic Tradelink PVT Ltd (CTPL) is a associated company of Controlmatic (Gujarat).

Industries we serve

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • Power Engineering
  • Oil & Gas Industries

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