Glass - Fore-hearth Thermocouples

In Distributor & Fore-Hearths temperature measurement & control is most important, the glass fore-hearth control system includes a temperature sensing system and control system. The temperature sensing system includes an arrangement of pre-positioned temperature sensors. Simplex thimble thermocouples & tri-level / triplex thermocouples consist of an assembly of a bottom, middle and top thermocouples for sensing the vertical temperature profile of the molten glass at a fixed location. The output signals from these temperature sensors are received by controllers of the control system which then provide control signals & regulate the operation of the heat input devices and the cooling input devices. Thermocouple output & controller's calibration must be accurate, reliable and repeatable.

The Tri-Level Thermocouples designed to achieve thermal homogeneity of the glass exiting from the fore-hearth for forming, as the homogeneity will help to get the proper distribution of Gob in moulds.

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